Boulder Bassoon Quartet

"You guys are different, and you’re good at it."

Unique Chamber Music

"The utmost cohesion, vitality and rhythmic energy"
"perfect ensemble, a remarkably rich dynamic range"
"The Boulder bassoonists bring a new dimension to the bassoon quartet"

Since 2006, the Boulder Bassoon Quartet has impressed a wide audience through substantive, engaging performances. At home in a variety of venues, the Quartet is dedicated to expanding the repertoire for the bassoon quartet in a variety of genres through new arrangements and original compositions.

Selected venues include:
Governor’s Mansion
Gothic Theater
Stanley Hotel
Dazzle Jazz
IDRS Conferences

The Quartet's first album, From the Opposite Shore, is a showcase of new and inventive music, much of which is Published by Trevco Music.

Called "exemplary in many ways," From the Opposite Shore is an album that "every music library should own."

From classical to pop, chamber concerts to weddings, the Quartet does it all.

As the Denver Post wrote, "Nothing embodies the way classical music is evolving — in positive ways — better than the Boulder Bassoon Quartet."

Mike | Kent | Brian | Ethan



Fine Tuned Society
April 6, 2018, 6pm

Fine Tuned Society
April 8, 2018, 2pm

Louisville Lecture Series
April 11, 2018, 7pm
Center for the Arts
801 Grant Avenue
Louisville, Colorado 80027


In Concert

You've never heard anything like us. Come see us in concert.

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“the utmost cohesion, vitality and rhythmic energy….played with poise and conviction….Hurd’s inventive music…a new dimension to the bassoon quartet repertoire….every music library should own it.”
The Double Reed, the International Double Reed Society
“Nothing embodies the way classical music is evolving — in positive ways — better than the Boulder Bassoon Quartet.”
-Ray Mark Rinaldi, Denver Post
You guys are different, and you’re good at it.
-father of the bride
Fantastic program, excellent playing by the BBQ tonight at Baur's Listening Lounge in the beautiful and historic salon. Boulder Bassoon Quartet sounded fantastic and the audience loved it! Thanks!
-Denver Eclectic Concerts
The Boulder Bassoon Quartet sounded great! And your interaction with the audience was wonderful.
–Longmont Council for the Arts
The Bassoon Quartet did it again. It is the absolute favorite of our artists. The raves and thank you we received after their appearance is just amazing. Most of all PLEASE HAVE THEM AGAIN. The Stanley Hotel also receives many calls. What a great group.
-Nancy Stevens, Estes Park Music Festival
The Boulder Bassoon Quartet was amazing…super playful and fun AND absolute masters of their instruments! What a great evening.
–Second Tuesdays at Trinity